Advanced level


  • Vaccinations
    • What are vaccinations and how they work? 
    • Why did the MMR vaccination become controversial? 
    •  Should some vaccinations be compulsory?

  • Stem cells

    • What are stem cells?
    • Why is embryonic stem cell research so interesting to scientists?
    • What can scientists do now with embryonic stem cells?
    • What are the possible implications for society?
  • Genetic engineering
    • What is genetic engineering? 
    • Why is genetic engineering so interesting to scientists and society? 
    • What can scientists do now with genetic engineering? 
    • What are the future possible applications?
  • Brain chemistry
    • What are neurons?
    • How do our senses detect external stimuli? 
    • Why do some people want to alter their brain chemistry?
    • What can scientists do now with drugs which act on the brain?
  • Evolution
    • What was Charles Darwin’s ‘Natural Selection’ idea?  
    • How does it explain new species? 
    • What new scientific evidence supports natural selection? 
    • Why can teaching evolution in schools be controversial?
  • Clinical trials

    • How are new medicines tested and developed? 
    • Who or what should test new medicines? 
    • Why do we need more medicines? 
    • Who decides how we should test new medicines?

Stem Cell CTA

Stem Cells

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Genetic Engineering

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Brain Chemistry

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Clinical Trials CTA

Clinical Trials

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